Commercial Shingle Roofing in Lexington, KY

Shingle roofing offers exceptional durability, but only when installed professionally. Without expert installation, your roof can become vulnerable to frequent damages and costly repairs. Hiring specialists ensures your roof meets stringent safety standards and provides you with lasting peace of mind.

At Own Restoration KY, we are your go-to experts for commercial shingle roofing in Lexington, KY. As a licensed and registered company, we deliver top-tier services that adhere to the highest industry and safety standards. We also back our work with warranties on both materials and craftsmanship, guaranteeing quality you can trust.

Our extensive service range encompasses roof installations, repairs, replacements, and proactive maintenance. Contact us today and let our skilled professionals elevate your commercial roofing to new heights!

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Our Top-Quality Shingle Roofing Solutions

  • Precision Installation: Expert cutting, fastening, and fitting of shingles for a flawless finish.
  • Design Versatility: A wide range of colors and materials for various design preferences.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Affordable options without compromising on quality.
  • Durable Materials: High-quality materials ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Optimal Water Drainage: Steeper roof slopes designed for efficient water channeling.
  • Enhanced Protection: Installation of leaf guards for additional protection.

All Inclusive Roofing Services

  • Roof Installation: We specialize in installing asphalt and metal commercial shingles and replacing missing shingles to maintain a seamless and functional roof.
  • Roof Repair & Replacement: We diagnose and resolve roofing issues using advanced tools, providing repair and replacement services to restore performance and enhance protection.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Our consistent and thorough approach ensures the integrity of your roof. Our experts regularly monitor for damage, perform cleanings, and carry out timely repairs to maintain peak roof conditions.

Our Standard Roofing Process

  • Schedule a consultation with our experts to convey your roofing needs. Our specialists will conduct a comprehensive roof assessment and provide a detailed proposal, including a proposed timeline, cost estimate, and recommended materials.
  • Upon project confirmation, we begin designing the roof, considering materials, drainage, slope, and other technical aspects. We source all necessary materials to ensure a seamless process with no interruptions.
  • On the scheduled date, our team arrives to prepare the roof by removing old shingles and repairing the deck if needed to create a smooth base. We then install the new shingles, followed by rigorous testing to ensure proper alignment and roof integrity.
  • We secure the roof with ridge cap shingles and thoroughly clean the site. After ensuring your satisfaction, we leave the space clean and orderly.

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With 24-hour emergency commercial shingle roofing in Lexington, KY, we are the most trusted and top choice of many businesses. Our skilled specialists offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee through extensive and transparent services. Get in touch with our experts, and let’s get started on your roofing project!

About Us | Own Restoration KY

Own Restoration, KY, stands out in the commercial roofing industry for multiple reasons, including:

  • GAF-certified experts
  • Experience & expertise
  • Industry-leading solutions
  • Extensive services
  • Insured services
  • Warranty on quality work
  • Premium-quality shingles
  • 24-hour availability
  • Market-competitive costs

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I schedule roof inspections for my shingle roof?

To ensure the optimal functionality and longevity of your roof, schedule our professional roof inspection and maintenance services at least twice annually.

What are the benefits of shingle roof installation?

It holds multiple benefits, including:

  • Simple installation
  • Customized color and design options
  • Durability and longevity
  • Affordable cost
  • Easy repairs
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Sound-resistance

What factors may influence the lifespan of commercial roofing shingles?

The following factors may impact the roof’s longevity:

  • Quality of materials
  • Local weather conditions
  • Roof slope
  • Installation efficacy
  • Ventilation
  • Maintenance frequency
  • Prevention of roof damage

What is the average cost of commercial shingle roofs in the USA?

The cost of installing a new commercial shingle roof depends on several factors, including the roof’s size, pitch, type, accessibility, location, and the quality of materials chosen. On average, expect to invest between $6 to $10 per square foot for a shingle roof installation.

What is the typical lifespan of asphalt shingle roofs?

If subjected to high-quality installation, regular maintenance, and timely asphalt shingle repairs, these roofs can endure for up to 15 to 25 years.