Shingle Roofing Installation in Lexington Metro Area

so while saving money may appear impossible. But not when you choose the right product and count on the right help.

At Own Restoration LLC, we can provide both through our foolproof shingle roofing installation services. Architectural shingles are one of the best options for homeowners in the Lexington Metro Area to protect their homes today, as well as our solutions. Learn more about both below!

A Top-Performing Product

Whether it’s fire, water, wind, or even time, with GAF shingles, your roof will always prevail. GAF is an unmatched shingle roofing option in the market that has turned the long-time standard and affordable asphalt shingles into a high-performance material that resists:

  • Fire ( fire-resistance rating)
  • Strong winds (up to 110 mph)
  • Heavy precipitation (preventing water damage)
GAF shingle roofing won’t fail you in the diverse weather of Lexington, KY, and surrounding areas. But not just that. This product can last 50 years or even more, meaning you won’t have to worry about it other than regular maintenance once installed. All you have to ensure is proper installation.
Shingle Roofing Installation in Lexington Metro Area<br />
For A Top-Performing Roof<br />

For A Top-Performing Roof

Despite its amazing advantages, shingle roofing can become obsolete with poor installation and cost you more due to the lost investment and the extra price you’ll pay to solve it. This won’t happen if you count on the experts, which in this case would be GAF-certified installers.

Own Restoration LLC meets and exceeds these requirements. Apart from being fully licensed, insured, and GAF-certified installers, we offer product warranties for our work. You can also recur to us for more than shingle roofing, as we are full roofing contractors.

We want to take care of your investment in every way possible. Because of that, our solid shingle roofing installation is available at competitive prices and through financing options assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Call us today for your evaluation and estimate. You’ll be glad you did.