Has your roof finally given up to time or weather? If you suspect you need a roof replacement,
only a professional roofing contractor will tell. At Own Restoration LLC, we assist you fully.

As experts in roof installation, roof repair, and roof replacement, we will propose and execute
the most suitable option for your safety and investment. Let us guide you!


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That is the question every homeowner has to ask themselves before investing in a major project, such as roofing. Of course, it would be ideal if you could address every roofing issue with a repair, but sometimes, roof replacement is the most convenient alternative. It’s just a matter of knowing when. The biggest factor you want to
consider is roof age. An old roof is not as resistant as a new one, so problems can quickly escalate.

A recent natural disaster or heavy precipitation can also
degrade your roof to become obsolete. Most roof problems can result from others, i.e., mold and leaks are caused by water damage. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to get a new roof:

● Old roof
● Leaks in the attic
● Mold or mildew issues
● Sagging, curling, cupped, cracked, or broken shingles
● Missing granules

5 Times You’re Probably Going to Need a New Roof

If you’re dealing with hail, wind, or roof storm damage on short notice and with a small budget, you may scratch roof replacement right away. However, leaving these issues unattended could entirely ruin your roof.

Roof restoration is ideal for saving money and getting the work done. It involves executing water, wind, or hail damage roof repair, and if desired, cleaning and painting to revitalize its appeal as well.

When opting for roof restoration, it’s essential to count on a reliable roofing contractor, so you don’t see more problems along the way.

roof replacement

Own Restoration LLC is your dependable partner if you want a comprehensive solution. We perform residential and commercial roof restoration from the inside out, ensuring your roof is entirely sealed and ready to withstand heavy wear and tear while looking great. As GAF-certified installers and expert roofers, we never start restoring without a comprehensive inspection. We then discuss the solutions and once approved, we execute them under licensed and insured services, offering a work warranty. We also help you with financing options and filing your insurance claim.

With Own Restoration LLC, your roof restoration in Lexington Metro Area will be in great hands. You’ll ensure safety and cost-efficiency. Schedule your inspection today!

We also offer emergency storm damage repairs.