Is Your Commercial Roof Falling Apart?


The excellent condition of your commercial roof can reflect many things towards your customers. If you have a visibly damaged roof, you can make a wrong impression on those who look at it and put your structure, workers, and customers at risk.

On the other hand, if you have a roof in perfect condition, you create a good impression with your visitors, guaranteeing everyone’s safety.

Flat commercial roofs provide a unique set of challenges regarding maintenance. Deciding between simple repairs and a complete replacement can be challenging when you have a roofing problem. Fortunately, you can turn to the best roofing company in Kentucky determined areas for help.

Find a Local Commercial Roofing Contractor in KY

Our commercial roofing contractor serves the Frankfort, Lexington, and Georgetown, KY areas with commercial or residential roof installation, repairs, or replacements.

We’ll inspect your roof and explain your options, so you can decide on the most efficient option for your business. Whether you have a TPO, EPDM, slate tile, or metal roof, you can depend on our skilled team of roofers to make it as good as new.

Repair or replace?

Not sure whether your roof needs simple repairs or a complete replacement? Our roofing contractor will let you know. In general, it comes down to a few details:
  • If your roof is fundamentally sound and well-insulated, simple repairs can make it as good as new.
  • If your roof is severely damaged, your insulation is wet, or you want to upgrade your roof, a replacement makes the most sense.
  • Reroofing can only be performed once, so your roof will need replacement if it’s been reroofed in the past.

You don’t have to figure out the best path forward. We’ll take a look and let you know what to expect.

Contact us today to make an appointment for commercial roof replacement, installation, or repair services or more information about our commercial roofing services.

We also offer emergency storm damage repairs.