Top Metal Roofers in Lexington Metro Area, KY

A solid option for both residential and commercial roofing? That is undoubtedly a metal roof. If you’ve chosen it, you’ve chosen wisely and want to do the same with the metal roofing installation services you go for.

Many ignore that installation is one of the two determinant factors of your roof’s performance throughout the years. Inexperience could make you lose all of your metal roof’s amazing benefits — And your money as well.

Luckily for clients in Lexington Metro Area, with Own Restoration LLC, they can achieve a dependable roof at excellent prices. Contact us today for licensed, insured, and warranted metal roof repair and installation!

What We Do For You

It’s not enough to obtain good quality in one solution. Whenever you have a roofing need, our metal roofers will excel — In all of them! Our skilled team can provide the following:

How We Guarantee Quality

Every roof has different configurations and needs, but overall, there are three main aspects the perfect roof will always have: high-quality, cost-effectiveness, and appeal. With metal roofing and Own Restoration LLC, all three are secured. How?

Here’s how our metal roofers achieve all of these characteristics in any roofing project, whether small or large:


What makes a good roof? It’s durable and resistant, for sure. Metal roofs are known to provide these two traits. When correctly installed, metal roofs are everything-proof, including fire, water, pests, mold, and much more, which subsequently makes them long-lasting.

Superior installation, secured by professional metal roofers, grants them durability. Ours are Roofing Insights certified.


A roofing material might fit your roof’s needs perfectly, but it is useless if it doesn’t fit your budget. Thankfully, this isn’t the case for clients in Lexington Metro Area who team up with our metal roofers and affordable solutions. Not only do we offer competitive prices, but we also offer financing options for installation, repair, and restoration.


Metal roofing offers many wonderful options that not only adapt to your needs but also adjust to your taste. Each type of metal, from aluminum to zinc, stainless steel, copper, and more, has its unique traits and distinctive look, yet also offers style and color options to adorn properties effortlessly. They also won’t require much maintenance once again with the correct installation.

Get The Best Roof at the Best Price!

Nothing beats metal as a superior roofing material, nor Own Restoration LLC as your dependable roofing company. With 10 years of experience, we are able to provide affordable metal roofing in Lexington Metro Area without delays.

We can conveniently offer an immediate roofing estimate based on your particular needs with our pricing tool, based on your roof’s size, followed by our financing options. Get your estimate today!

We also offer emergency storm damage repairs.