Here’s The Most Complete Shingle Roof Inspection Checklist By Experts
Have you ever wanted to know what an expert roofer takes into consideration when doing a shingle roof inspection? When you want to protect a valuable asset like your roof, expertise is your best guarantee. Still, acquiring all that knowledge demands a lot of time you simply might not have.

At Own Restoration LLC, we show you all the critical points in a shingle roof inspection checklist so that you can easily detect when you need a roof repair and get accurate work that aligns with the best industry standards without fuzz. Let’s dive in!

1. Visual Inspection: Identifying Surface Issues

We like to start our shingle roof inspections with a visual inspection to catch the most evident signs of roof damage.

While some signs have to be inspected from up close, if you don’t want to climb a ladder, most of them can be evaluated from the ground, and you can later recur to your trusted roofer to do a deeper assessment.

The most common points to include in the visual stage of your shingle roof inspection checklist are the following:

  • Missing or Damaged Shingles: You want to start by checking if there are no missing shingles, and then you can look for other defects in each shingle, such as cracks and curls.
  • Bald Spots: If you have the time to examine your shingles up close, look for areas where granules have worn away from the shingles. These bald spots indicate that the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan and may call for replacement.
  • Loose Flashing: Carefully inspecting the flashing around roof penetrations such as vents, chimneys, and skylights will tell if it is lost and help determine the cause of water damage.
  • Algae or Moss Growth: Whenever you’re outside or see your roof from afar, keep an eye out for green or black stains on the shingles; these indicate the presence of algae or moss, which can be unsightly and accelerate roof decay.

2. Interior Inspection: Detecting Signs of Leakage

Roof damage signs can also be told from the inside of your home. If there’s water damage, there might be potential leaks in your home, which can be detected through an interior inspection. Sometimes roof leaks aren’t obvious, which is why you also want to take your time and go over all areas of your home when you’re running your shingle roof inspection checklist, especially:
  • In The Attic: Water stains, mold, or mildew are common signs of roof leaks often hidden in the attic space. These indicate water damage and should be addressed promptly to prevent further harm.
  • During Daylight: Daylight hours are the best to inspect the attic for any areas with sunlight penetrating through the roof. These “light leaks” are clear indicators of potential water intrusion points and require immediate attention.
Interior Inspection Services
Structural Integrity

3. Structural Integrity: Ensuring Stability

Shingle roof problems aren’t exclusively missing or worn down elements or water damage. Sometimes, your roof’s structural integrity might be at stake, and you can tell that through the following aspects, which should also be included in your shingle roof inspection checklist:

  • Sagging Roof Deck: A sagging or uneven roof deck could signify underlying structural issues or excessive weight on the roof. Prompt, professional evaluation is essential to identify and address the root cause of the problem.
  • Gutters and Downspouts: Making sure the gutters and downspouts are free of debris and properly channeling water away from the roof will prevent water backup and damage to the roof edge that could exacerbate existing issues.

4. Professional Assessment: Expert Insight Matters

The abovementioned points offer a basic assessment of your roof’s condition. However, we still recommend getting a professional inspection by a licensed roofer at least once a year or after severe weather events due to the following:

  • Don’t Let Anything Slip: A professional can identify potential roof issues that may go unnoticed by untrained eyes, providing peace of mind and proactive solutions.
  • Thorough Examination of Underlayment: Roofers possess the expertise to inspect the underlayment for signs of deterioration, such as rot or moisture damage, which may not be visible to homeowners. Addressing underlayment issues is crucial for maintaining the roof’s structural integrity and waterproofing.
  • Assessment of Flashing and Sealant: Professionals can meticulously evaluate the condition of flashing and sealant around roof penetrations, ensuring they are watertight and secure. Any deficiencies can be promptly addressed to prevent water intrusion and subsequent damage.
Professional Assessment: Expert Insight Matters
Proactive Maintenance Strategies<br />

Documentation and Action Plan: Proactive Maintenance Strategies

If you’ve determined you require roof repair after going through your shingle roof inspection checklist, you want to approach it with a solid action plan. You don’t want to rush into repairs; thanks to your checklist, you won’t have to. You can determine what is the best way to tackle your repairs through the following:

  • Detailed Records: Document your inspection findings, including photographs, to track the condition of your roof over time. Maintaining detailed records facilitates communication with roofing professionals and aids in developing a proactive maintenance plan.
  • Prioritize Repairs: Based on the inspection results, prioritize necessary repairs to address immediate concerns and prevent further damage. Proactive maintenance is vital to preserving the longevity of your shingle roof and minimizing costly repairs in the future.

That’s A Wrap!

When performed adequately and consistently, a solid roof inspection can save you from roof damage and exorbitant replacement costs. Now, you have all the crucial steps to follow in a thorough shingle roof inspection checklist to watch over your roof like a pro.

Suppose you require further assistance, whether with roof inspection, preventative maintenance, or roof repair in Lexington, our experts at Own Restoration have got you covered. We’ll make your roof and your budget last for decades. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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